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successful press release

Hello everyone!! This is my last and final blog post for comm 368, so I decided to write about a topic we learned about this semester. As you can see I wrote about how to write a good press release. From using my knowledge from class and researching PR Daily’s “7 tips for writing a killer press release,” I believe this blog will be helpful!

The first tip that I covered was to not stress about what exactly you are stating in your press release. YES, you do want to give important and useful information pertaining on the topic you are covering, however some authors dwell on what it is exactly that they should state in their press release and are too worried about what they might say wrong instead of just being calm and covering the basics. Just make sure that the information you are giving out is information that will be used by the reader, do not stress about what information to mention!

The second tip is to keep your main goal in your mind at all times while writing your press release because you do not want to lose site of what you are actually trying to get across to your audience. Press releases are to be straight to the point, giving you all the information needed and saving the fluff for later at the actual event or whatever it is you are writing about.

The third tip is to keep in mind what audience you are writing this press release for. Different audiences require different types of writing and information and you do not want to get this mixed up, because this will cause you to lose sight of the main idea you are trying to get across. In my opinion, tip two and three kind-of tie together.

The last tip is to always keep your press release onto one page. Not only does this make your writing look more professional and better, but lets face it…no one is reading something that is terribly long and just keeps going on about extra information. Keep it short and sweet and straight to the point.

Last but not least do not forget to


 I hope this post was helpful in your writing with press releases in the future, I look forward to hearing your feedback!


Summing up the Semester

As this semester comes to an end, I am happy to say that I can walk away from my communication 368 class with so much knowledge!! Although this classes main focus was public relations, we did not cover this subject everyday. I am happy about this because it gave us the opportunity to branch out on other communication subjects and learn more information needed to be successful in this branch of work, which for most of us, was our major.

The first thing we did was make a resume and perfect it to where we could use it in real life. We had many successful in-class speakers that would not only load us up with important information that was well needed, but also stuck around to answer any questions that we may have. We made many great connections with LinkedIn and many of my class mates landed awesome internships this summer with amazing organizations and companies!! Although I could not take an internship this summer due to health issues, I feel like what I have learned and taken from this class is going to help me succeed in the future!

Our professor, Jennifer Mullen, was very on top of things and made this class a class that you were excited to come to. Not only was she knowledgeable on every subject of communication, she would make herself available to any student in need of help. I found this class to be one of the most enjoyable that I have taken in my major so far!

Although this class is over, I have come to find out that blogging is extremely stress relieving for myself. With this being said, I hope all of my followers stay on the look out for random blogs about my life! 🙂

Happy blogging!!!

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Positive Political Campaign Strategy


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John F. Kennedy was not only the first ever Catholic to be elected president of the United States, but he was also the youngest man to ever be elected. This was used against him by his competition many times. Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate, tried to make Kennedy out to be way too young and immature to successfully handle the foreign affairs that were happening with other countries at the time, but Kennedy stayed calm and poised throughout the whole election. As Nixon tried to preach on all his good doings and even stated that he had strengthened America throughout his prior eight years of rule, Kennedy reiterated that America was not doing bad, but instead remaining stagnent and insisted on making changes.

Kennedy’s campaign ran on how he would strengthen foreign policies, and would listen to others opinions that were previously ignored by the government. I believe that Kennedy’s campaign was so successful because while Nixon worked on putting Kennedy down for his age, although Nixon was only a few years older than Kennedy, Kennedy remained level headed throughout the whole election. This shows that Kennedy was not only a mature person for not trying to bad mouth his opposer, but also that he was independent and strong enough to lead the country to many victories despite his age.

JFK’s Top 5 Political Accomplishments 

1.) America’s First Catholic President

2.) Prevented Nuclear Armageddon

3.) Emphasized Public Service

4.) Established the Peace Corps

5.) Set Goal to Put First Man on the Moon

You can read more about John F. Kennedy’s top 5 political accomplisments by clicking the link in the title above!!



Interview with a PR Professional

For my interview with a public relations professional, I interviewed Melissa Marks. Melissa Marks is a public relations specialist/marketing consultant for Visionworks of America. She attended Indiana State University and has worked with ophthalmology for 19 years now. She was originally a general manager at the Terre Haute location, but has recently accepted her new positions with the company at the Bloomington location! I connected with Melissa because I work with the company, Visionworks, as an OD tech (contact consultant) and reached out to her in hopes to learn what it takes to be a PR professional, especially in an area of my own personal interest!! We conducted this interview face-to-face.

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The issue that Melissa stressed the most is don’t ever get too comfortable!! She is always on the move, whether she is traveling to spread the new promotions for the company of Visionworks, or she is traveling for meetings with other PR professionals in her field. Melissa stated that no week is the absolute same. To keep up to date in the PR world, Melissa makes sure to always keep her eyes and ears open when meeting with other professionals. Visionworks also participates in competitive advertising. This means that they will send out their PR/marketing people to other companies and have them act as if they are customers to get a taste of their competitions promotions and deals and come up with better ways to stay on top!

Some things that Melissa wishes she would have known before starting her career in PR is how much you truly have to sacrifice in order to be the best. She mentions that she would not trade her job or position for the world and that she is very thankful that her kids are already grown up because she would be missing a lot in their lives! Writing is a huge factor in this industry. You are always having to take notes and write out commercials and different scripts. This is why technology also is a main factor, Melissa does not go anywhere without her phone or laptop/tablet.

Melissa had many great tips and information to share with me. After interviewing her, I feel like this is definitely the path I want to take. Not only do I enjoy traveling and conversing with people, but I also do not plan on having kids or getting married so I feel like this is a good choice for that as well. Will for sure keep me busy!! I hope this blog was helpful and if anyone would like more information from Melissa’s interview, do not hesitate to reach out to me!! See ya right here again next week !! 😉

Crisis Communication – The Do’s and Dont’s

crisis comm

My second blog post is going to be all about crisis communication and hopefully give you some ideas of what you can do to prevent it or at least lessen the damage when it is already done! Crisis Communication is a scary issue, but it can almost always be detected before it’s going to happen, as long as you pay attention to the signs! According to Bernstein Crisis Management , there are 10 easy steps you can follow in this type of situation! I am going to share with you a few of the more important ones!

The first step is to anticipate this crisis that is coming, and you can almost always tell because there will be some sort of sign. By identifying that a crisis is coming early, you can either help prevent it from happening or you can figure out a public statement earlier! The second step is to pull together a crisis management team. This will not only have certain people with their full attention on the issue, but they can also be on watch at all times!

The third step is to go ahead and get your spokesperson ready and prepared for the statement that they need to issue to the public. The fourth step is to train the spokesperson on what they need to state to the public. This is an important step because you want this statement to be beneficial and receive positive feedback.

An effective example of a crisis communication situation (KFC Chicken having maggots in it), along with a few more quotes and tips that are informing can be found on Crisis Communication – A Case Study . I hope  you guys tune back in next week for my third blog post!! (:

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Beginners Guide: Blogging

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Most people think that blogging is just throwing all of their random thoughts together into one platform for their followers to follow along with, but this is not true! There is actually a method to this social media frenzy and I’m going to teach it along with help of The Minimalists!

Step 1: Pick a Theme

Find something that you are into and write about it. If the topic you pick is an issue that you are already fond of, then the writing will come easy to you! Blogging is suppose to be a fun way to express your thoughts and feelings, so remember that when you are first starting. It will make things run a lot more smoothly in the long run(:

Step 2: Find your Audience

There are all kinds of different blogs out there with all sorts of different topics, find the group that you click with best! Once you do this step, the writing for you and your followers will become more natural and it should be easy or easier to express your thoughts.

Step 3: Make your blog other words… BE ORIGINAL!

There are all kinds of different blogs around the world, some with similar or even the same exact topics. With this being said, be yourself in your blog. No one wants to read the same information four different times. This is also how you will find your audience to click with, it is good to show your real personality through your posts!

Step 4: About Me

It is always a good idea to have an About Me section on your blog. This way your readers will actually have somewhat of an idea of who they’re interacting with or even following over a period of time. You don’t have to get to personal but include some facts about yourself and even a selfie!

Step 5: Ignore the Critisism

Just like in your day to day life, there is always going to be someone who isn’t fond of you or wants to make you miserable, IGNORE THEM! Especially if you decide to have a comments page on your blog, simply read their criticism and if it is negative delete it and move on. You will be much happier this way!

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These are just a few of the steps that I, along with the Minimalists came up with. For more tips and tricks to have a successful blog visit their link above!! 🙂

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