Beginners Guide: Blogging

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Most people think that blogging is just throwing all of their random thoughts together into one platform for their followers to follow along with, but this is not true! There is actually a method to this social media frenzy and I’m going to teach it along with help of The Minimalists!

Step 1: Pick a Theme

Find something that you are into and write about it. If the topic you pick is an issue that you are already fond of, then the writing will come easy to you! Blogging is suppose to be a fun way to express your thoughts and feelings, so remember that when you are first starting. It will make things run a lot more smoothly in the long run(:

Step 2: Find your Audience

There are all kinds of different blogs out there with all sorts of different topics, find the group that you click with best! Once you do this step, the writing for you and your followers will become more natural and it should be easy or easier to express your thoughts.

Step 3: Make your blog other words… BE ORIGINAL!

There are all kinds of different blogs around the world, some with similar or even the same exact topics. With this being said, be yourself in your blog. No one wants to read the same information four different times. This is also how you will find your audience to click with, it is good to show your real personality through your posts!

Step 4: About Me

It is always a good idea to have an About Me section on your blog. This way your readers will actually have somewhat of an idea of who they’re interacting with or even following over a period of time. You don’t have to get to personal but include some facts about yourself and even a selfie!

Step 5: Ignore the Critisism

Just like in your day to day life, there is always going to be someone who isn’t fond of you or wants to make you miserable, IGNORE THEM! Especially if you decide to have a comments page on your blog, simply read their criticism and if it is negative delete it and move on. You will be much happier this way!

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These are just a few of the steps that I, along with the Minimalists came up with. For more tips and tricks to have a successful blog visit their link above!! 🙂

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