Interview with a PR Professional

For my interview with a public relations professional, I interviewed Melissa Marks. Melissa Marks is a public relations specialist/marketing consultant for Visionworks of America. She attended Indiana State University and has worked with ophthalmology for 19 years now. She was originally a general manager at the Terre Haute location, but has recently accepted her new positions with the company at the Bloomington location! I connected with Melissa because I work with the company, Visionworks, as an OD tech (contact consultant) and reached out to her in hopes to learn what it takes to be a PR professional, especially in an area of my own personal interest!! We conducted this interview face-to-face.

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The issue that Melissa stressed the most is don’t ever get too comfortable!! She is always on the move, whether she is traveling to spread the new promotions for the company of Visionworks, or she is traveling for meetings with other PR professionals in her field. Melissa stated that no week is the absolute same. To keep up to date in the PR world, Melissa makes sure to always keep her eyes and ears open when meeting with other professionals. Visionworks also participates in competitive advertising. This means that they will send out their PR/marketing people to other companies and have them act as if they are customers to get a taste of their competitions promotions and deals and come up with better ways to stay on top!

Some things that Melissa wishes she would have known before starting her career in PR is how much you truly have to sacrifice in order to be the best. She mentions that she would not trade her job or position for the world and that she is very thankful that her kids are already grown up because she would be missing a lot in their lives! Writing is a huge factor in this industry. You are always having to take notes and write out commercials and different scripts. This is why technology also is a main factor, Melissa does not go anywhere without her phone or laptop/tablet.

Melissa had many great tips and information to share with me. After interviewing her, I feel like this is definitely the path I want to take. Not only do I enjoy traveling and conversing with people, but I also do not plan on having kids or getting married so I feel like this is a good choice for that as well. Will for sure keep me busy!! I hope this blog was helpful and if anyone would like more information from Melissa’s interview, do not hesitate to reach out to me!! See ya right here again next week !! ūüėČ


Crisis Communication – The Do’s and Dont’s

crisis comm

My second blog post is going to be all about crisis communication and hopefully give you some ideas of what you can do to prevent it or at least lessen the damage when it is already done! Crisis Communication is a scary issue, but it can almost always be detected before it’s going to happen, as long as you pay attention to the signs! According to Bernstein Crisis Management¬†, there are 10 easy steps you can follow in this type of situation! I am going to share with you a few of the more important ones!

The first step is to anticipate this crisis that is coming, and you can almost always tell because there will be some sort of sign. By identifying that a crisis is coming early, you can either help prevent it from happening or you can figure out a public statement earlier! The second step is to pull together a crisis management team. This will not only have certain people with their full attention on the issue, but they can also be on watch at all times!

The third step is to go ahead and get your spokesperson ready and prepared for the statement that they need to issue to the public. The fourth step is to train the spokesperson on what they need to state to the public. This is an important step because you want this statement to be beneficial and receive positive feedback.

An effective example of a crisis communication situation (KFC Chicken having maggots in it), along with a few more quotes and tips that are informing can be found on Crisis Communication РA Case Study . I hope  you guys tune back in next week for my third blog post!! (:

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