tips for writing a successful press release

successful press release

Hello everyone!! This is my last and final blog post for comm 368, so I decided to write about a topic we learned about this semester. As you can see I wrote about how to write a good press release. From using my knowledge from class and researching PR Daily’s “7 tips for writing a killer press release,” I believe this blog will be helpful!

The first tip that I covered was to not stress about what exactly you are stating in your press release. YES, you do want to give important and useful information pertaining on the topic you are covering, however some authors dwell on what it is exactly that they should state in their press release and are too worried about what they might say wrong instead of just being calm and covering the basics. Just make sure that the information you are giving out is information that will be used by the reader, do not stress about what information to mention!

The second tip is to keep your main goal in your mind at all times while writing your press release because you do not want to lose site of what you are actually trying to get across to your audience. Press releases are to be straight to the point, giving you all the information needed and saving the fluff for later at the actual event or whatever it is you are writing about.

The third tip is to keep in mind what audience you are writing this press release for. Different audiences require different types of writing and information and you do not want to get this mixed up, because this will cause you to lose sight of the main idea you are trying to get across. In my opinion, tip two and three kind-of tie together.

The last tip is to always keep your press release onto one page. Not only does this make your writing look more professional and better, but lets face it…no one is reading something that is terribly long and just keeps going on about extra information. Keep it short and sweet and straight to the point.

Last but not least do not forget to


 I hope this post was helpful in your writing with press releases in the future, I look forward to hearing your feedback!


Summing up the Semester

As this semester comes to an end, I am happy to say that I can walk away from my communication 368 class with so much knowledge!! Although this classes main focus was public relations, we did not cover this subject everyday. I am happy about this because it gave us the opportunity to branch out on other communication subjects and learn more information needed to be successful in this branch of work, which for most of us, was our major.

The first thing we did was make a resume and perfect it to where we could use it in real life. We had many successful in-class speakers that would not only load us up with important information that was well needed, but also stuck around to answer any questions that we may have. We made many great connections with LinkedIn and many of my class mates landed awesome internships this summer with amazing organizations and companies!! Although I could not take an internship this summer due to health issues, I feel like what I have learned and taken from this class is going to help me succeed in the future!

Our professor, Jennifer Mullen, was very on top of things and made this class a class that you were excited to come to. Not only was she knowledgeable on every subject of communication, she would make herself available to any student in need of help. I found this class to be one of the most enjoyable that I have taken in my major so far!

Although this class is over, I have come to find out that blogging is extremely stress relieving for myself. With this being said, I hope all of my followers stay on the look out for random blogs about my life! 🙂

Happy blogging!!!

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Positive Political Campaign Strategy


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John F. Kennedy was not only the first ever Catholic to be elected president of the United States, but he was also the youngest man to ever be elected. This was used against him by his competition many times. Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate, tried to make Kennedy out to be way too young and immature to successfully handle the foreign affairs that were happening with other countries at the time, but Kennedy stayed calm and poised throughout the whole election. As Nixon tried to preach on all his good doings and even stated that he had strengthened America throughout his prior eight years of rule, Kennedy reiterated that America was not doing bad, but instead remaining stagnent and insisted on making changes.

Kennedy’s campaign ran on how he would strengthen foreign policies, and would listen to others opinions that were previously ignored by the government. I believe that Kennedy’s campaign was so successful because while Nixon worked on putting Kennedy down for his age, although Nixon was only a few years older than Kennedy, Kennedy remained level headed throughout the whole election. This shows that Kennedy was not only a mature person for not trying to bad mouth his opposer, but also that he was independent and strong enough to lead the country to many victories despite his age.

JFK’s Top 5 Political Accomplishments 

1.) America’s First Catholic President

2.) Prevented Nuclear Armageddon

3.) Emphasized Public Service

4.) Established the Peace Corps

5.) Set Goal to Put First Man on the Moon

You can read more about John F. Kennedy’s top 5 political accomplisments by clicking the link in the title above!!