Positive Political Campaign Strategy


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John F. Kennedy was not only the first ever Catholic to be elected president of the United States, but he was also the youngest man to ever be elected. This was used against him by his competition many times. Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate, tried to make Kennedy out to be way too young and immature to successfully handle the foreign affairs that were happening with other countries at the time, but Kennedy stayed calm and poised throughout the whole election. As Nixon tried to preach on all his good doings and even stated that he had strengthened America throughout his prior eight years of rule, Kennedy reiterated that America was not doing bad, but instead remaining stagnent and insisted on making changes.

Kennedy’s campaign ran on how he would strengthen foreign policies, and would listen to others opinions that were previously ignored by the government. I believe that Kennedy’s campaign was so successful because while Nixon worked on putting Kennedy down for his age, although Nixon was only a few years older than Kennedy, Kennedy remained level headed throughout the whole election. This shows that Kennedy was not only a mature person for not trying to bad mouth his opposer, but also that he was independent and strong enough to lead the country to many victories despite his age.

JFK’s Top 5 Political Accomplishments 

1.) America’s First Catholic President

2.) Prevented Nuclear Armageddon

3.) Emphasized Public Service

4.) Established the Peace Corps

5.) Set Goal to Put First Man on the Moon

You can read more about John F. Kennedy’s top 5 political accomplisments by clicking the link in the title above!!




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