tips for writing a successful press release

successful press release

Hello everyone!! This is my last and final blog post for comm 368, so I decided to write about a topic we learned about this semester. As you can see I wrote about how to write a good press release. From using my knowledge from class and researching PR Daily’s “7 tips for writing a killer press release,” I believe this blog will be helpful!

The first tip that I covered was to not stress about what exactly you are stating in your press release. YES, you do want to give important and useful information pertaining on the topic you are covering, however some authors dwell on what it is exactly that they should state in their press release and are too worried about what they might say wrong instead of just being calm and covering the basics. Just make sure that the information you are giving out is information that will be used by the reader, do not stress about what information to mention!

The second tip is to keep your main goal in your mind at all times while writing your press release because you do not want to lose site of what you are actually trying to get across to your audience. Press releases are to be straight to the point, giving you all the information needed and saving the fluff for later at the actual event or whatever it is you are writing about.

The third tip is to keep in mind what audience you are writing this press release for. Different audiences require different types of writing and information and you do not want to get this mixed up, because this will cause you to lose sight of the main idea you are trying to get across. In my opinion, tip two and three kind-of tie together.

The last tip is to always keep your press release onto one page. Not only does this make your writing look more professional and better, but lets face it…no one is reading something that is terribly long and just keeps going on about extra information. Keep it short and sweet and straight to the point.

Last but not least do not forget to


 I hope this post was helpful in your writing with press releases in the future, I look forward to hearing your feedback!


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