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4/11/2017, Abbie Miller

4 tips to be the best blogger you can be


Thank you for your blogging tips!! I really enjoyed the proof reading one because you are right, no one wants to read bad grammar and see misspellings everywhere, that will just make your blog seem as if you didn’t care to put the time and effort into it. I also liked how you put your personality into your first post, I look forward to reading your next posts!! (:

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4/11/2017, AlplusLex

What does one do in Public Relations?

I really enjoyed this post! I think it is so helpful because so many people ask me what I’m studying in college and when I tell them public relations they just give me a blank stare. I also like how you incorporated so many pictures in your blog. I look forward to reading your future posts!! 🙂

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4/18/2017, Ryann Arguello

What am i going to do for the rest of my life?

This blog post is great especially since I feel the exact same way about my future! I think Heather’s tips are extremely helpful. I like the learn how to take criticism comment because i feel as if many people get upset and feel as if they are getting yelled at in certain situations when in reality the people trying to give the advice are just trying to help, rather than yell at them. I can’t wait to read your next post!! 🙂

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4/18/2017, Crosby Noricks


I found this blog post to be really informing because I feel as if most big companies do use e-mail to communicate with their consumers and try to reel them in, but you are right, I work at an eyeglass store and half of the time when we ask for someone’s e-mail address it is like we are becoming annoying to them. I think it is  a great idea to branch out and try other forms of social media to get people’s attention. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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4/25/2017, Kierra Mellenthin

Building Relations and Making Connections | Interviews

I like how when asked what she does for a typical day in her job she says planning..I find this comment to be extremely helpful because you do always need to have a back-up plan just in case your first plan doesn’t work out. This was a very helpful post!!!

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4/25/2017, Arik Hanson

New trend: Companies making product design trends based on Instagram

I found this blog post to be extremely eye opening. You are so right, companies these days make their products social media accessible because social media plays such a big role in people’s everyday lives. As long as the product looks the part, it doesn’t have to actually do what it is suppose to and that is not fair. I look forward to your next posts!!

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5/01/2017, Nina Harden

YES We Can!!

That is so crazy but cool that he only allowed his campaign to be on the internet. I agree that it was a really good idea because when Obama was running, that is when the internet was starting to become more popular and used. I also liked how you informed readers about the music video because i had no clue. I watched it and it is so fascinating. I look forward to your next posts!!

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5/01/2017, Alexis Chateau

When you do what you love

I love this post!!! It is so inspiring, especially for a college student who is stressed about their future life every single day. I agree with you when you say that if you love your job you will never have to work a day in your life. I am glad you have found something that makes your life easier and makes you happy everyday! I can’t wait to see your next posts!!

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5/08/2017, Samantha Ripperger

Helpful Tips for a successful social media platform

I love this post. Not only is it extremely helpful, but it is also so eye-catching due to how well you presented it on your page. I really like how you stated that you need to learn from your competition because this is so true, if you can out do your competition you’re going to be the best. Find their flaws and perfect them!

Comment #10

5/08/2017, elizamasterkey

New Revelations while Writing

I love this post because i relate to it so much. I also just began blogging not that long ago and while i was nervous at first because i wasn’t quite sure what to write about and struggled to find how to say certain things, it eventually just started flowing. I find writing press releases entertaining! I’m glad your writing just flowed this week, that is the best feeling. I look forward to reading your next posts!! 🙂